Organid company, is a organizational & strategic consulting company that advocates through technology and innovative tools as solutions for organizational & strategic development. The company's main objective is to improve the performance and capabilities of the organization, in a way that they could achieve their goals.
In the organizational consulting, business plan built around great importance to our clients on growth strategic.
We see our consulting as a small aid in the long life of the organization that using our services, a small aid that leads to a big growth. Organizational & strategic consulting that aims to lead the organizations to competitive advantage, economic growth and improving its capabilities. Our organizational consulting combines two worlds, the economic world and the sociological world:
Organizational consulting from the world contents of the exact science: economics, business administration, management industrial engineering and accounting
    Organizational consulting from the world contents of  behavioral science: culture, sociology, organizational psychology and the human advantage. The emphasis is proper management of human resources and understanding of developments and social changes
From this perspective, the organization will have tools to create capabilities that are the foundation of competitive advantage in the market.
Organid Company engaged in organizational and strategic development to impact various companies in order to create a leading company and the concept of significant market share. One way of achieving this goal is the development of growth strategies. We see innovation as part of building business growth strategy that we will match best for our clients
The company is engaged in consulting for organizational development, planning and strategy formulation. Organizational consulting thorough organizational diagnostic, both internal and external causes in the company. Organid is here fot you to build the best business plan you can get.  Business plan which is a navigation map in the strategic progress. Our business plans are constructed in full cooperation with the customer and according to his wishes